East Coast Cannabis: Offering Quality Cannabis Dispensaries in Maine

East Coast Cannabis is a cannabis dispensary chain serving the communities of southern Maine. Founded in 2018, East Coast Cannabis has quickly become a leader in providing a high quality, safe, and responsible cannabis experience. With locations in Lebanon, Eliot, and Kittery, East Coast Cannabis is dedicated to creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for their customers while offering a wide selection of products for their customers to discover.

East Coast Cannabis strives to provide the highest quality products in a safe and responsible environment. They are constantly re-evaluating their product selection and inventory to ensure that their customers are being provided with the newest, most innovative cannabis products. Additionally, East Coast Cannabis offers a wide variety of services to their customers, including education and consultation, delivery services, and even private events.

East Coast Cannabis also places a strong emphasis on the importance of community. They support local businesses and organizations, partnering with local farmers to bring their customers the freshest, locally-grown cannabis products. Additionally, they are active in helping to end the stigma of cannabis use, educating their customers and the community on the various health benefits cannabis can offer.

From their knowledgeable staff to their commitment to providing the highest quality products, East Coast Cannabis is truly dedicated to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for their customers. Through their commitment to customer service and their dedication to providing quality cannabis products, East Coast Cannabis is committed to continuing to be a leader in the cannabis industry in Maine.

East Coast Cannabis