Transforming Cannabis Access in Michigan: A Case Study on New Standard Grand Haven

In the heart of Michigan, New Standard Grand Haven is pioneering the way for both recreational and medical dispensaries. Starting from an unwavering commitment to quality cannabis products, this center has become a key player in Grand Haven’s market.

The endeavor started as a modest provisioning center, handpicking only the highest-grade marijuana for their customers. With excellent customer service and a variety to cater to every individual’s needs, they rapidly gained popularity among medical cannabis consumers.

Seeing the uplifting impact of their work, New Standard Grand Haven expanded their operations to become a recreational dispensary. This shift welcomed a wider clientele, enhancing accessibility for all responsible adults in Grand Haven, Michigan.

Noting the rising demands, they introduced cannabis delivery services, increasing the convenience for their customers. Today, they deliver across the city, ensuring a hassle-free experience from the booking process to the delivery itself.

New Standard Grand Haven stands as a testament to the potential that fruitful collaboration between businesses and society can yield. With their roots in medical provision, they’re staying true to their namesake – setting new standards in the Michigan cannabis industry.