At the Forefront of Healing: New Standard’s Journey

Welcome to New Standard, your gateway to healing and wellness. Our journey began in Sand Lake, MI, where we opened our first Medical Dispensary. We reveled in the chance to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for our patients. Fueled by a passion for compassionate care and the potential of Cannabis, we quickly expanded to Hazel Park and later to Edmore.

In response to the growing demand for our services, a Cannabis Dispensary Near Me feature was introduced on our website, facilitating access to patients across Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Nunica. We have since become a beacon of hope for individuals living with chronic ailments across these locations.

We are the new standard for Marijuana Dispensaries, continuously striving to deliver the best care possible. Regardless of the distance or the need, we’re here for you, one branch at a time. Let us embark on this healing journey together, guided by the power of nature and the strength of our core values.